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How It Works

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GBerry Wiki on repository provides more details for installing and running GBerry and example games.  This page below provides you a quick overview.

You can post issues and proposals also to GBerry issue tracker.

Game platform source code can be found from Github.

Under the Hood

Game platform and and mobile client are implement with C++ and Qt. With help of Qt we will be able to support different mobile device brands and also make possible to develop games on Linux, Windows and Apple.

Games itself can be in principle implemented using what ever language you like to use, interfaces are built in that way, but mobile client supports currently Qt/QML for implementing game controls. Our vision is develop games using combination of Qt, C++, QML and Python. QML uses JavaScript and our technical goal for game UI is be very close to how games are developed to web browser.

GBerry is currently under prototype development and during that time core team supports only Android mobile devices. However capable developers could compile GBerry mobile client software quickly for other platforms as well.

Open Source

The game platform running on Raspberry Pi is released as open source software and licenced under LGPLv3.

You can find game platform source codes from Github:

Some building blocks of GBerry webstore are FIWARE enablers and those are also available as open source. The server side business logic is currently closed source. However the goal is to have standard API to webstore, so that in can be replaced with wanted service.

Game developers can decide how they want to publish their games: open or closed source. In both cases GBerry provides tools to monetize their work.