Welcome to GBerry Project!

GBerry - Fun Together

It Is Made From Dreams

We belive playing together is the most fun entertainment!

We want to change how people play together - how families and friends can play at the same time - side by side - on a couch of a living room.

We will bring together into a single package cleverness of mobile games and socialness of board games.

What Are We Building

GBerry is game platform built on top of Raspberry Pi hardware. GBerry is especially designed for multiplayer games and it utilizes standard mobile devices to control a game and main game events are shown on a TV screen.

GBerry setup

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Players download a general purpose mobile client from a mobile application store. In addition to controlling games also private game information can be shown for a player on his device.

Free and commercial games can be downloaded from GBerry webstore. It will support different licensing methods and micro payments. Games are developed by 3rd party game developers and companies.

Where Are We Going

Prototype version has been published with simple demo games. You can check Tech page for technical details, open source approach and current test versions.

GBerry wants to provide the game platform as open source and develop a business with GBerry webstore. GBerry Project has received research funding from the European Union and has participated to CreatiFI Open Call 1.

If you like to have more information or even join the project, please send us a message and we will be in touch.

Thanks, GBerry Team